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22 December 2016 03:41
Last Shipping Day For 2016 - 23rd December

Well it's finally here almost, our last shipping day is tomorrow the 23rd of December before we break up for the Christmas period. Orders dispatched this week should arrive between the 27th and 29th.
Normal shipping and service will resume January the 3rd 2017.

Have a great Christmas

10 November 2016 10:05

You may have noticed some new functions on the site one of them being the blue indicator above.

The PRE-ORDER button allows you to order parts that aren't on our normal stocking plan. Each manufacturer brand has an approximate turn around time from us placing an order to the parts being received in the UK.

This system is new for us but we hope to get the delivery times down to 7-10 days or less over the next few months.

Important note:
PRE-ORDER items will only arrive in stock once you have completed the transaction.
This allows you access to some great brands and prices and a bigger application of expensive components that are too costly to keep on the shelf.

18 February 2016 12:37

Thankfully the high performing Athena cylinder kit range which includes the HP and HP Racing has been given a new look but the parts themselves have remained unchanged staying exactly how we like them.
Italian cylinder kits with this level of performance and quality give us goose bumps, bore plating derived from big cc Off Road bikes put into small capacity scooters and mopeds is a no brainer.
Now with an even keener price than before you guys get the ultimate deal.
Air cooled HP cylinders from £95.50, liquid from £119.95.
23 December 2015 05:25
We hope all of you guys have a great Christmas break

We thought we would add to our already low prices with a 10% off all products voucher incentive, this will run all the way up to when we re-open on the 4th of January 2016 with normal dispatch times.
Simply use the word SALE in the voucher code box on the shopping cart page ad receive a further 10% discount.

Merry Christmas

26 November 2015 09:56

We might be new to Black Friday deals but we know how it works and this could be a great saving especially if your basket total is high. 10% off prices that are already possibly the lowest available.

This offer starts today at 6pm and ends on Sunday, just enter the code BLACK FRIDAY 2015 whilst passing through the shopping cart.

30 October 2015 09:47
Its been a long time in the making but finally live, the Adrenalin-Pedstop mobile site is up.

It's simple design and function will speed up your navigation through the site especially in an area with a poor internet connection. Fast, Secure, Easy Shopping on the go.

06 August 2015 10:27

New 3.15pm cut off point for guaranteeing next day deliveries comes into action today for all DPD services. Unfortunately our move to a new address has caused issues for the DPD collection route with our collection window being brought forward to 3.30pm.

Royal Mail Tracked, Special and 1st Class services remain the same so packing will continue up to 5pm

Pedstop Team

03 August 2015 08:46
We are now at our new address and should be getting back to normal this week. Our new telephone number is 01709 880529 and our new address is below.

Unit 6 Thurnscoe Business Park
Pheonix Drive
S63 0BH

Unfortunatley our emails aren't coming through at present so please call us direct to prevent delay.

Adrenalin Pedstop

11 June 2015 10:51

It's official we are moving, our last day at our current Barnsley address will be the 31st of July 2015.
Our new address will be
Unit 6 Thurnscoe Business Park
Pheonix Drive
S63 0BH

We will unfortunatley lose our current telephone number but updated details will be posted on the site as we receive them.

Kind Regards
09 June 2015 11:12

Adrenalin-Pedstop set to make waves in the motorcycle sector

If you have seen some strange things going on with the site over the last week or so it will become more apparent that things are changing.
We are opening our doors to new product lines covering the popular ranges of on and off road motorcycles starting with the basics to begin with from brands such as JT, Hiflofiltro, Carbon Lorraine CL Brakes, BS batteries plus many more.

Motorcycle chains, sprockets, air filters, oil filters, batteries, brake pads etc all at our usual low price and fast delivery service.

This is just the start of some new things we have got going which will all drop into place over the next few weeks.

31 March 2015 11:33

10% Off all orders in April

Use the word   April   in the shopping cart voucher code box and receive 10% off all orders throughout the month of April.
The weather is terrible but you guys are already out making the most of it, the Dyno is busy and there are lots of new things happening which will be revealed soon "can't wait".

Saving money is key for us and something we would like to share so make the most of it and see if we can make this kind of thing more regular.

19 January 2015 05:30

Pit Bike 94cc
Over a year has passed since we mentioned our hybrid 94cc automatic Pitbike x scooter and lots of things have changed including my thinking.
Did we finish it? Was it any good? Yes it was and is, so why no updates?

This thing is a beast, handles well, extremely fast and possibly too much fun, HOWEVER wearing no helmet doing 80-90mph in a cold wet, dark car park wearing a t-shirt and jeans with no gloves isn’t something I would ever repeat especially when it results in an off.

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET KIDS or you might end up with brain damage, severe deafness, fractured ribs, arms and maybe even triple vision. Did I mention the lack of patience and the need to swear at just about everything I don’t like, Fuck it lets show you some pictures now it’s been rebuilt and I’m conscious.

18 November 2014 05:28
Our opening times are changing for the winter period, with dark nights leaving us little time to pursue other developments we are tweaking our hours to suit all "hopefully". This means we will be closed on weekends so instead we will have late night openings every Friday until 6.30pm.

New opening times from this weekend onwards are as follows

Monday to Thursday: 9AM - 5PM
Friday: 9AM - 6.30PM
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

02 October 2014 05:01

The Series 2 is here not only with an amended silencer logo but with improved torque and redesigned expansion allowing fitment throughout the Piaggio, Gilera and Aprilia scooter range including the early years.

Each system is maintaining the £99 price tag and includes variator rollers and all other components needed to fit.
A jet increase will be essential on stock 50cc scooters, here is a link to the product for more information PMS1860

Here is a link to the exhaust shootout from July 2012 that explains a little about the true operating RPM of the series 1 and 2 and why this makes life easy for any DIY scooter tuner. Shootout

19 August 2014 04:46
This is a short blog just to make it a little easier for you guys trying to make that 4 stroke engine breath a little easier and give more performance when using the Tecnigas GP 4 exhaust.

In most homologated exhaust systems there is a restriction at the manifold connection which meets the cylinder, the GP4 exhaust from Tecnigas is different.

The GP4 has been restricted on the exit of the system, the hole is very small and gives a similar effect to the normal restriction. You could call it an alloy spacer, washer or bush, regardless of name it needs to come out if you want to get beyond 30mph.

The crudest way and by far the quickest is to simply insert a bar or even a screwdriver with almost the same diameter into the washer hole making sure when you push it in you don't make contact with the baffle tube. WD40 would be useful making it easier to work the washer out using a rotational movement.

31 July 2014 11:05
Single cylinder 4 stroke scooters like the Piaggio Zip, Fly and Vespa S and LX etc have been hampered in their already feeble performance with some other niggles just to make sure you really know that you are going slow enough for a cyclist to overtake you.

The obvious restrictions are in the variator and the exhaust system, which are easily changed or removed, here is a link to show you what should be removed from the transmission on a 2 stroke engine which is exactly the same principle for your 4 stroke,  follow step 4 and 5 .

The exhaust system also needs liberating but don't expect an increase like you would receive on a 2 stroke which in some cases could be double the top speed. A good system which is stealthy in it's appearance is the Tecnigas Silent Pro . This offers low noise, improved top speed and freedom for the engine to rid itself
31 July 2014 10:22

Tecnigas exhaust systems for scooters and mopeds are becoming increasingly more popular as people realise what we have been seeing for many years.
The new 4Scoot for the Honda SH 125, PS i 125 and @125 i adds to the range and keeps within the criteria you would be looking for when replacing a system on your maxi scooter.

The 4 Scoot stainless steel exhaust is a good choice for a few reasons, it offers a good performance increase over the standard unit. The longevity of the system is increased due to the materials used to make it and the price we are managing to offer this for is much lower than the original Honda scooter exhaust.

18 June 2014 02:24
Moped carburettors rarely break however they do from time to time develop problems that could be resolved easily with a service kit or general spares.
We have new stock of carburettor service kits suitable for both mopeds and scooters covering carburettors from Dellorto, PWK suitable for PHVA, PHBG, PHBN, PHBG, PHBL and JK012


PHBG £8.45

15 April 2014 11:03
We have new arrivals from Vicma covering various manufacturers including the Keeway scooter range.
From complete lock sets to single ignition key switches.

Models covered are as follows
Keeway Matrix 50 AD/10924 

Keeway Focus 125/150 AD/10927

Keeway RY8 and Focus 50 AD/10922

Keeway F-ACT 50 AD/10925

Keeway ARN 125/150 AD/10926

15 April 2014 10:13
We have some great new scooter and moped parts arriving with excellent RRP's some standing out more than others.
Take this complete lock set for the SR 50 R Factory injection, Aprilia's price (859841) £141.12, our price (9128) £28.90.

13 February 2014 02:14

The extremely popular NITRO range of helmets have just had a price pinch, now retailing at £55.79 with Free UK delivery

Limited stock and sizes are available so don't miss your chance, once they are gone they are gone.

01 February 2014 11:24

A new release from the Pedmoto exhaust range will be in stock within the next 10 days covering the legendary DTR 125 - 125 RE/X motorcycles from 1989 to 2009.

The system range is only going to be available in stainless steel with exceptional build quality which is great news with an anodised black silencer using CNC end caps. Expected performance will be around 20-21hp on a stock bike and RRP of £290 for the complete system.

01 February 2014 10:12
Its official Athena have released a 160cc cylinder kit with a replacement ECU that corrects the ignition curve getting the very best performance capable from this pretty and popular bike.

The pictures we have available are extremely poor so we thought it best just to look at the bike instead until they arrive with us. What we can tell you is that the kit is very easy to install with no modification to crank casings etc, simply fit the cylinder kit and plug the ecu in and away you go.

Here's some tech spec, the kit uses a forged piston with a nickel coated aluminium barrel 65mm diameter. The official hp figures are below.

The kit will be £744.00

06 January 2014 11:33
Just a quick up date to let you know all successful orders placed from December 20th 2013 to the 6th of January 2014 have now being dispatched. We hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to good things to come in 2014.

We have some pretty exciting goals for 2014 from new products and services and possibly a come back with the North Run this summer!...... insurance permitting

17 December 2013 09:18

Just a quick message to let you know that we are shipping parts as normal all of this week up until and including Friday the 20th which is our last day before we close over Christmas. All items sent using a next day service on Friday should arrive on Monday the 23rd and we re-open on the 2nd of January 2014.

Have a great Christmas and be safe